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Valencia landscaping has 14 years of experience providing excellent services of lawn mowing maintenance we place our full focus on grass cutting, sod installation and mulching to give our customers a better view of their houses. Our specialties are residential and commercial areas.

We are committed to developing sustainable, long term relationships with our customers. 




Power wash

Turf enhancement

Snow/Leaf removal


Property maintenance

Spring clean-up

Fall clean-up

Lawn & Bed maintenance

To meet the needs of our most particular clients, our program includes complete care for your yard. Our maintenance staff will care for your property from Spring through the Fall each year. In the Spring, we will begin with a complete clean up of your yard. 


Requests from summer vacationers looking for lawn care service to be provided during only a portion of the season are welcomed.


Our Lawn & Bed Maintenance program’s regular lawn care service includes front and back property cutting, trimming of the lawn around property edges, and blowing of the property to leave homeowners with a tidy driveway/porch in addition to a freshly-cut lawn.

We can also assist or provide service on a regular basis, as often as the landscape area needs, anywhere from weekly service to a once-a-year “tuneup” which may include an overall evaluation, cleanup, weeding, pruning and fertilizing as necessary.

Bed Maintenance program designed to care for your flower beds on a regular basis.


Tree pruning can be required for a number of different reasons. For instance, overgrown limbs can overcrowd other specimens and make things look informal, block the essential light to other trees, shrubs, plants and even your garden area. Minimize damage from high winds and storms by maintaining your trees.

Before any pruning is carried out, we will assess your trees individually and decide the best possible course of action in relation to your tree species, shape, size and condition.


Your trees will be pruned efficiently to maintain an even balance and safe condition. All branches will be cut optimally to reduce the risk of tearing and infections.

To avoid damaged to your trees and surrounding areas, we use the latest tree surgery techniques to ensure the safe lowering of large limbs and branches. All pruning will be carried out in a controlled manner by using lowering ropes and or slings where necessary. If your tree has dead, storm damaged or diseased branches they will be cut back to the relevant branch collar.

Tree work

For tree removal, no matter the size or species, you can trust Valencia Landscaping to safely and quickly remove any tree from your site.

From the tallest tree branch to the deepest tree stump, we specialize in hassle-free tree removal and can assess and maintain the health of your trees.


With over 14 years’ experience catering for both residential and commercial clients, we take the time to understand your specific needs.


Valencia Landscaping takes great pride in creating a personal landscape design that is tailored to each customer’s needs and wants.


We can help you create a beautifully landscaped yard including trees, shrubs, flowers, perennials and even tie in a beautiful paved patio or walkway with interlocking brick pavers. A complete space can be designed and installed for an affordable price that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood. 


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